Top 10 Best Pest Control Services in Amagansett NY 11930 can be difficult to find.

Pest control services in Amagansett has its own unique challenges. It’s important to hire a fully licensed and insured exterminator in Amagansett for your residential or commercial property. Pest control services in Amagansett has its own unique challenges. It’s important to hire a fully licensed and insured exterminator in Amagansett for your residential or commercial…


Carpet Beetles in Suffolk County

Have you looked on your windowsill lately? You may very well find some small, round to oval shaped, black (or reddish), brown & white beetles there, called carpet beetles. Most homeowners have a few of them, but if you see many of them in your house, then you may have an infestation that could lead…


Long Island: Spiders

Have you ever rushed out early on a cold spring morning, jumped into your car, shut the door and come face to face with a spider inside the car with you? There are about a dozen common spider species you can find on Long Island. The spiders we find in our outdoor environment are very…


Termites in Suffolk County

#TermiteWeek First sign of a swarm of Termites in Suffolk County on Long Island this week… Termite swarm sightings have been spotted, and we’re sure it won’t be the last!  Long Island is home to the Eastern Subterranean Termite. During late winter and early spring, swarms of winged termites are often spotted by homeowners. In…


How to Deal with Long Island Ants

Ants are out and about in North Babylon and Sayville, NY Ants are small insects that lives in a complex social colony with one or more queens. They are wingless except for fertile adults, which often form large mating swarms. Most ants feed on sweets, except for carpenter ants, which prefer protein. On Long Island…


Long Island Wasp Nests

EcoTech can remove wasp nests from trees or houses, like this one, located in the soffit of a homeowners garage. Paper wasps have no interest in stinging you – unless you are near their nest! Their nest can look like a brown grey paper like structure with honeycomb like tubes inside. If you notice one…


Bayport, Long Island Raccoon Removal

A customer called to say she had a raccoon in her barn. We went and put a trap out and couldn’t catch the smart raccoon. We did notice some windows in barn were missing. Also there was a hole in the wall of barn. Usually it is up to the customer to fix these issues- We decided to put plywood over…


Termite Damage in East Patchogue

A customer called to say she moved a small fridge to find a swarm of termites, and noticed a small floor board had been chewed. We went to the home and found that the customer had ripped up some of the floor board to try to remove termites. This is something you should never do, never disrupt a swarm of termites, if…


Yellow Jackets Swarm at Blue Point Home

 Yellow Jackets are considered a highly aggressive insect, especially when disturbed. Many people attempt to take the removal of yellow jacket nests into their own hands. While spraying an over the counter product or swatting at a nest with a stick may not seem like a difficult task, knowing how and when to do it is…


Winter 2014 Bug Removal Special

Have bugs or insects sought refuge in your home? Have you tried to get rid of them and have been unsuccessful? Let EcoTech Pest Control help you. This winter, we are offering a one-time indoor treatment for $89.95. Visit our Monthly Special page for additional information.

Flea Infestation in Northport, NY

When it comes to pest control issues, the more common conditions we experience are dealing with ants, termites, bees and rodents. For a Northport, NY family, they had a flea infestation in their home. We don’t hear a lot about fleas but they are more common than you think. Fleas hitch a ride on your…


Ant Control Services Babylon, NY

We were recently contacted to conduct a general pest control inspection at a home in Babylon, on the south shore of Long Island. The homeowner had complained of ant activity in several rooms of their house including the kitchen, dining room and bathrooms. During the warm summer months, ants begin their search for food and…


EcoTech Pest Control Website Unveiling

Ecotech Pest Control has just launched a brand new web presence and we’re excited to hear what you think about it. We are going to be providing you with all sorts of critter information, helpful photos, monthly coupons, and much more. Please check back often to keep in the loop about bugs and prevention.  


Hot New Deal for Spring

This month we are featuring a deal of 25% off your first service to anyone that signs up for a maintenance package. So don’t hesitate to sign up now or you could miss this 25% off deal. Check back on our site often as we will be offering a new deal each month.