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American Cockroach EcoTech Pest Control - Long IslandTHE AMERICAN COCKROACH, aka PALMETTO BUGS, are the largest species of cockroach found in the United States. They are a tropical Insect that prefers warm humid locations. Thus, when found in New York, they will usually be indoors in basements or boiler rooms. In the South, it is common to see them flying around outdoors, especially around lights in the evening. The weather in NY is too mild for that behavior however, so they find shelter and remain in their nesting sites. They will often times congregate on and around plumbing and sewer lines. In NYC and the boroughs, they will infest manholes for the warmth and dampness of the underground generators and power lines. They will then follow sewer lines, gas lines, and power lines into the buildings. This, along with cargo shipments and deliveries from tropical regions, is the main route of infestation of American Cockroaches. While they do not reproduce as rapidly as their cousins, the German Cockroach, they are still ROACHES, and all roaches DO reproduce at an alarmingly high rate. Thus the AMERICAN COCKROACH will quickly infest areas that offer them warmth and moisture. Another characteristic that distinguishes the AMERICAN COCHROACH from other species of roach is their ability to fly. They are in fact very strong fliers, which often times leads homeowners and business owners whose property they infest into a nightmarish situation if they disturb their nest… a SWARM. These giant roaches will all take flight when threatened, filling the room with a cloud large buzzing cockroaches…. NOT somewhere you’ll want to be! As with all cockroaches, they are a serious threat to spread disease due to the areas of filth that they live in and the bacteria that they pick up and carry on their bodies.

IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED THAT YOU TREAT THESE INSECTS IF YOU ARE NOT A TRAINED PROFESSIONAL. If you are seeing AMERICAN COCKROACHES in your home or business, you can be sure that there is an infestation of them hiding somewhere nearby. Spraying any types of chemicals can cause them to SWARM, flying all around you, onto you, and spreading into other areas of the premises.

A trained EcoTech Professional can eliminate the infestation without “chasing” the pests into other areas or exposing you and your loved ones to chemicals that could be harmful to you.

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