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Pest of the Month

Pest of the Month – Carpenter Bee

Carpenter Bees are very beneficial pollinators to be welcomed in any outdoor landscape, but when they start to invade your house surroundings, they can become a problem. Carpenter Bees can be all black, or black and yellow and look just like a bumble bee but they do not have a fuzzy abdomen like a bumble bee has. You may notice holes appearing in wood doors, sofits, garage doors, fences or any other wood structure. Those holes provide a nest for their eggs.  Female Carpenter Bees use their strong jaws to bore holes, over 1/2″ in diameter, in wood so they can deposit their eggs. The male Carpenter Bees guard the entry to the nests. Although these bees are not aggressive as the males do not have stinger, females can sting if handled or provoked. If you notice any holes in your wood surroundings give EcoTech a call today (631) 887-3028 or (516) 226-0988 so we can identify them and safely and effectively get rid of them and give you peace of mind.

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