House Centipede

The Centipede is about 1 1/4″ in length and can be black, brown, ivory, yellow or white. It has 15 pairs of legs that look like it surrounds the body, which is usually striped with a pattern. Centipedes are super fast and are actually beneficial to the homeowner because they eat bigger pests, like cockroaches and moths. They can be found indoors in moist areas.


The Earwig is about 1/4″ to a little over 1/2″, brown, yellow, red or orange with a long body and pincers.They use their pincers to defend themselves against other earwigs and predators. Earwigs have wings but they rarely fly. Earwigs are generally harmless to humans, but if insect prey is scarce, they will eat the root of your plants. They are beneficial in that they eat aphids. Earwigs hide under objects and occasionally they can crawl into homes, garages and hide in small spaces.


The Millipede can range in size from 1/4″ to 5″ depending on the species. They are black , brown, red, white in color. Millipedes differ from Centipedes in that their legs are paired in each body segment. Some species are toxic. Most Millipedes will coil up when they are disturbed. Millipedes eat insects and dead plant matter looking for food at night in dark places.

Silverfish + Fire Brat

These insects are about 1/2″  in size with colors of white, yellow, grey, brown and black. They usually have a long flat silvery body with spike-like hairs coming out of plate-like body part and 3 long ‘tails’ that come from its abdomen. Silverfish and Fire Brats move very fast and do not have wings. They enjoy indoor heat and are usually found in homes and buildings near stoves, vents and even books! They feed on starch, like flour and potatoes and also glue that binds books. Silverfish and Fire Brats can live for months without eating. They are considered harmless, but are a pest.

Stink Bug (Brown Marmorated + Green)


The adult Stink Bug is shaped like an armor shield whereas a nymph looks like a lady bug with bands running down its back. Its length ranging from 1/2″ to 3/4″ with a color ranging from brown, gray, yellow, red or black making them effective camouflaged insect. These insects were accidentally imported from Asia and have now made its way to North America’s east coast and have been multiplying ever since. They feed on fruit bearing trees and plants, ruining the skins of fruits. These pests can find their way into homes and buildings when the weather is cold. The Stink Bug emits a foul odor when touched or threatened, hence the name stink bug, making them a nuisance indoors as well as outdoors.


Prevention Tips:


– Seal any cracks in your foundation wall and around doors, inside and out.
– Make sure the area around your house is clear of any leaf and vegetation litter.
– Inside your house make sure there is no excessive moisture, which is a favorable place for these pests to hide.
– Remove any clutter or boxes, which is also another favorable place for centipedes to hide.

If you are seeing an abundant of these pests, we recommend calling EcoTech 631-868-7023, your professional exterminator to inspect your home. We can provide you with an effective treatment that will be safe for your family.