Residential Pest Control Long Island

Residential Pest Control Long Island - EcoTechEcoTech Pest Control specializes in residential pest control. We will come to your home and inspect to determine not only what pests you have but where they are coming from and how they got there. With this information, we can derive a plan to best address your specific needs. Pest control is not a “one shoe fits all” approach. Not only will EcoTech remedy the situation but will present you with an ongoing strategy to prevent future infestations. These preventative programs can range from monitoring/mechanical control, exclusion or product applications when necessary.

If you are a homeowner and live in Suffolk County or Nassau County, Call (631) 887-3028 or (516) 226-0988 today for a free home inspection.

Some of the critters EcoTech services:

Did you know we also offer commercial pest control services? Don’t leave your patrons to eat among pests and rodents. Call us today to schedule your consultation.