Ants Extermination West Sayville NY 11796        

We are the premier exterminator in West Sayville NY 11796. Pest control in West Sayville NY 11796 has its own unique challenges. We are fully licensed in West Sayville and the rest of Long Island. Call us today for a free estimate in West Sayville  NY. When it comes to Ants Extermination in West Sayville NY 11796 we have many options.

These eusocial insects, Ants, are small insects that lives in a complex social colony with one or more queens. They are wingless except for fertile adults, which often form large mating swarms. Most ants feed on sweets, except for carpenter ants, which prefer protein. On Long Island, West Sayville  NY you may see some of these ants…Pavement Ant, Sugar or Odorous House Ant and Carpenter Ant. If you do see ants in your home, call your qualified exterminator, EcoTech Pest Control 631-868-7023 so we can identify your problem and locate the colony, provide bait traps and treatment to eliminate your ant problem and take steps to prevent them from returning.

Bed Bugs Exterminator West Sayville NY 11796        

Bed Bugs are unfortunately found on Long Island in West Sayville  NY. Bed Bugs are reddish-brown, with oval-shaped flattened bodies. Their flat bodies allow them to fit into the tiniest of cracks and crevices–especially the tiny seams around mattresses, box springs, bed frames and headboards. But they will also spread into the seams in the frames of nearby furniture. Upon inspection, you may notice these areas     are marked by small black or black/red spots and stains. These stains are dried droppings of the bugs, and droplets of blood that they let out after a blood meal. Initially the bugs tend to be situated around     sleeping areas, i.e., beds, couches and recliners. However, if left untreated, the infestation will grow to the point that the bugs are forced to move further and further away from sleeping areas to find adequate shelter, which makes controlling the pests far more difficult. If you suspect you have a Bed Bug problem, we recommend calling EcoTech Pest Control, your professional exterminator to start treatment. There are a few steps to take before an effective treatment can be executed. All clothes, sheets and pillows are to be put in bags and removed from the area for 24 hours. Also remove any personal items or things in your drawers. We recommend that you do not sleep in the area for 24 hours. We then come and remove all visible bed bugs and treat the area to terminate any hidden bugs and eggs. EcoTech Pest Control can give you an effective, Bed bug removal service for your home. Call us today (631) 887-3028 or (516) 226-0988

 Termite Exterminator West Sayville NY 11796       

 There are three different types of termite species, the Dampwood termite, found in heavily forested areas; The Drywood termite, found in extremely dry wood not found in U.S. and the most common one found on Long Island in West Sayville  NY is the Eastern Subterranean termite. These termites live in soil and build pathways to wood structures. Unfortunately, many homes on Long Island are already affected     by termite colonies. If you suspect your home or building may be affected, call your local exterminator, EcoTech Pest Control, today. We are up to date on the latest technology in termite control. Our plans     and methods we use to control termites are safer and less stressful on the environment. We offer a Wood Destroying Insect Report during your home inspection. This report is required in New York State when purchasing/buying a new home. Please call EcoTech Pest Control for a free inspection at 631-868-7023.

 Rodent Removal West Sayville NY 11796        

Did you know that Mice and Rats carry and transmit dozens of diseases to humans? Mice are the primary carriers of the ticks that have the Lyme Disease bacterium. Mouse saliva, urine and feces can also cause several health problems in humans. The House Mice can also cause fires by chewing on electrical wires. The House Mouse is most commonly found on Long Island, in Westhampton NY, along with other rodents like the Norway Rat, Deer Mouse and White-footed Mouse. Rodents, like Mice and Rats nest in wood piles, holes in the ground, your garage or shed or stored yard equipment. They love warm weather. A Mouse or Rat can squeeze through holes as tiny as a quarter to enter your home looking for food and water. If you suspect a Rodent problem in your home or office, please contact EcoTech Pest Control 631-868-7023 as soon as possible. We will send a professional exterminator to inspect the area and target the pest. Our technician will choose the proper bait, place the bait stations effectively with enough time given to allow it to work and evict the rodent/rodents.

 Insects Exterminators West Sayville NY 11796        

Insects are the most common form of pests, and the most abundant. Our website provides you with information for over 15 common types of insect pests found in Suffolk County and Nassau County, Long Island, West Sayville  NY, from the tiny bed bugs to termites, types of cockroaches, and more. Please look over the photos we have included on EcoTech Pest Control website as well to help you differentiate what types of insect problem you may have; or view the individual bug biographies to understand a little more about each pest. Call your local exterminator (631) 887-3028 or (516) 226-0988 today or fill out a form on Ecotech website for a free inspection.

 Flea Exterminator West Sayville NY 11796        

The most common flea found on Long Island, West Sayville  NY is the cat flea. It can be about 1/16″ in length and brown to red in color. It has no wings, but their hind legs allow them to jump a distance of 50 times their body size. Their flat body allows them to travel through fur, like our cats and dogs, easily. They have strong claws making removing them from our pets very difficult. The flea goes through four stages in its life cycle, the egg, larva, pupa and adult. Adults can lay up to 50 eggs in one day, which means infestation happens fast. Fleas come from the outdoors and our pets unknowingly bring them indoors. Fleas like moist, temperate areas. Here on Long Island, in West Sayville  NY and in Nassau and Suffolk counties, the flea population usually continues through winter, so it is possible to bring home fleas any time of year. If you suspect you have a flea problem in your home environment, we recommend calling EcoTech Pest Control, your professional exterminator to start treatment. EcoTech Pest Control can give you an effective, low cost flea control service for your home. Call us today 631-868-7023.

 Cricket Exterminator West Sayville NY 11796       

Crickets can be most annoying with their chirping and sounds can be quite frustrating. Here on Long Island, in West Sayville  NY you may come also across a Cave Cricket in your basement, which are unlike most crickets. They do not make chirping noises. To identify them, they look like large creepy greyish brown spiders, reaching 4″ in length. They can be right outside your window, keeping you up all night.  Worse yet, they can get into your home from just about anywhere. They come out in the darkness and get into every crevice, making life miserable. Call your local professional exterminator, EcoTech Pest Control at (631) 887-3028 or (516) 226-0988 for fast relief and peace of mind. We provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Free Estimates.

Cockroach Exterminators West Sayville NY 11796

Cockroaches can be found all over Long Island, in West Sayville  NY, even in the nicest of houses. All cockroaches can carry bacteria and contaminate food that can make your family sick. Cockroaches also carry eggs of parasitic worms that can get into the human body and cause disease. These household pests can also trigger allergies and asthma in humans. If you suspect Cockroach activity in your home contact your local exterminator, EcoTech Pest Control at 631-868-7023. EcoTech Pest Control will provide a free estimate and a safe, effective monitoring treatment ensuring your health and safety.

Flies, Maggots Extermination West Sayville NY 11796

Flies sole purpose in life is to find rotting organic material and lay eggs in it. After feeding for a few days, the larvae will crawl out of the muck and pupate to become adult flies. You need to have a professional come in and put an end to the life cycle of these pests immediately. A trained EcoTech Pest Control technician can quickly rid your home of all adult flies, maggots and eggs while locating the source of the infestation and disposing of it, all without exposing yourself or your family to any harmful chemicals. Call Eco Tech Pest Control right now if you’re on Long Island, in West Sayville  NY (631) 887-3028 or (516) 226-0988 to schedule a free inspection.

Spider Exterminator West Sayville NY 11796       

Did you know that there are 3,000 species of spiders in North America? Here on Long Island in West Sayville  NY you may spot a few common spiders like the American House spider, Black Widow spider, Brown Recluse spider, Cellar spider or the Sac spider. EcoTech Pest Control recommends some tips to prevent spiders from invading your home: Vacuum all webs around your home regularly. Keep basements and attics clear of clutter so it won’t be so easy for spiders to find shelter and build their webs.  Always shake out any clothing that has been sitting for a long period of time. Also check your clothing or items when coming in from outdoors. Spiders can also enter your home through cracks or holes so check and seal holes around your house doors and windows regularly. If you suspect you have an infestation in your home, contact your licensed exterminator, EcoTech Pest Control 631-868-7023 to locate and remove these spiders.